Rental Price List

*For custom DJ/MC pricing for your ceremony and reception needs, please email us at


White folding chairs (670 available) $1.50 each

        Set Up $0.30 each

        Take Down $0.30 each


60″ round tables (55 available) seats 8 $10.00 each

48″ round tables (15 available) seats 4 $9.00 each

6’ banquet tables (17 available) seats 6-8 $10.00 each

8’ banquet tables (5 available) $10.00 each

4′ service tables (3 available) $8.00 each

        Set up (all tables) $1.00 each

        Take Down (all tables) $1.00 each

White linens for 60” round tables $7.00 each


White Linens for 60” round $7.00 each

“Better than Linen” 3 ply paper $5.00 each


Archway $60.00

        A beautiful focal point for the bride & groom, or an elegant entry for your guests.

Backdrop $40.00

         Beautiful behind the cake table.

Plant Stands/Alter table (2 available) $15.00 each

         Can be used separately or combined with a glass top for an alter table.

Guest book Stand $25.00

         Can also be used for an officiates podium


10’X10′ Marquee Tent (2 available) $85.00

$40.00 each additional day

         Sidewalls $30.00

         Set up & Take Down $65.00 + delivery & pickup

16’x16′ Marquee Tent (2 available) $140.00

$50.00 each additional day

         Sidewalls $30.00

         Set Up & Take Down $85.00 + delivery & pickup

14′ x 20′ Frame Tent (1 available) $200.00

$60.00 each additional day

         Sidewalls $50.00

         Set Up & Take Down $120 + Delivery

Other Misc.

Silver Punch Bowl with acrylic dome $25.00

Silver Punch Fountain (no pulp punch only) $40.00

Champagne Bucket & Stand $7.50

Chaffing Dish, Stainless (4.5 quart, 2 available) $20.00

60 Cup Stainless Coffee Pot $15.00

Decorative Mailbox (for single cards) $15.00

White Metal Archway $25.00

Bubble Bowls (31 Available) 4”x4”, 2 7/8” opening $1.00

6” Octagon Mirrors (45 available) $0.50

6” Square Mirrors (124 available) $0.50

8” Square Mirrors (17 available) $0.60

Globe Lights 1 string of 8 globes (8” diameter) customer supplies bulbs $10.00

                       1 string of 6 globes (6” diameter) customer supplies bulbs $8.00

Crystal Oil Lamps (20 available) oil no included $2.50

Personalized Glassware

Have your first name and date etched on toasting glasses – these are yours to keep at $10.00 per piece, plus the price of the glasses.  Personalized attendant glassware is also available. 

Wedding Invitation etched on a curved glass frame – price includes etching & the beautiful curved glass frame with beveled edges.  $70.00


50% deposit will guarantee your chosen items are reserved for your date.  Full payment is due before the even takes place. Cancellations – 30 days prior to the even or 50% penalty

Delivery & Pick-up

Local Minimum $35.00 delivery

$35.00 pick-up

Any locations outside city limits will be charged $35.00 flat rate + additional mileage.  If you want items moved to a distance away from the street location, there will be an additional charge.

Mileage will be calculated according to total miles to and from the event location.  if your location is in an area that requires slow delivery, such as winding roads or gravel, an additional charge may apply.  Set-up and tear-down is not included in delivery and pickup, though those services are available at an additional charge. 

If you have chased to set-up and tear-down yourself, all items must be in an agreed upon location for pickup.  Chairs need to be stacked with seat up and locked together.  Protect all items from damp ground or rain.  Tables are marked “fold this leg 1st” so they will fit back in our trailer.  Tables need to all face the same direction.  All items must be clean and dry.  All decorations must be removed.

Customer Pick-up & Return

If you prefer to pick up your rental items you will need to provide tie down straps.  Our chairs stack flat (seat up).  We ask you to clean out your pickup box and or trailer before you arrive.  If you are renting our round tables, you will need a trailer with sides, such as an enclosed trailer.  The tables will need to be tied down inside of the trailer to avoid damage to both the tables and your trailer.  A flatbed trailer is not permissible because the tables have to be cinched down too tightly to keep them from moving, which causes damage. 

You are responsible for the rented equipment from the time it leaves our possession until it is returned.  Please secure all equipment when not in use and protect it from the weather.  Items need to be dry when returned.


All Chairs must be stacked flat with the seat up.  The chairs “lock” together if stacked correctly. 

Our round 60” tables are marked on the bottom to show you which set of legs to fold first so they will fit back in our trailer.  All tables need to face the same direction. 

All Items must be dry.  Remove all debris and decorations from the rental items – if you use glitter it must ALL be removed.

Additional charges will apply if we have to restack, refold, or remove decorations.